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GravInv 3D: Функции приложения



Block modeling

  • Interactive construction and editing of blocks density and magnetization models

  • Automatic fit of polygons density, magnetization and geometry parameters

  • Conversion to a grid model and horizons

Grid modeling

  • Interactive construction and editing of grid density and magnetization models

  • Lateral and arbitrary gravity and magnetic inversion

  • Multithread computing


Prior data accounting

  • Import of horizons, faults, wells and geomtery objects

  • Seismic wave velocity - density conversion based on formulas or machine learning

  • Construction of correction weights distribution for inversion

  • Fixing areas for inversion


Transformations and filters

  • Filtering 2D data (maps). Smoothing, calculation of regional and local field components

  • Upward and downward continuation

  • Field continuation from terrain to plane and from plane to terrain

  • Calculation of higher derivatives

  • Elementwise mathematical operations with maps

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